This will be my first blog post on this site, and in general for QUITE some time. Operating under the assumption that it's not just friends and family reading at this point, I'm just going to use this opportunity to say hello and introduce myself in the easiest way I know how ;)

Drum roll.

22 things about me! Because I'm 22. Oh how very MySpace of me.

Here goes!


1. I have a pet rabbit named Zoey who loves to chew up my yoga mats.

2. I think I will always find people endlessly fascinating.

3. I'm an extrovert but I enjoy alone time too!

4. I shoot Nikon. Like Dexter.

5. My favourite number is 5. See what I did there?

6. I have a boyfriend named Austin- he wears glasses, there is over a foot of height difference between us, and you know what? It's freakin' adorable.

7. Austin says "Put that you were born and raised in Windsor!" except I can't because that would be a lie. I was born in Calgary.

8. I know I'm an artist and I'm supposed to feel inspired by news stories and feelings and nature and stuff... But honestly nothing energizes and inspires me more than a good shopping trip.

9. Despite my love of shopping, I am actually very good with money. So stop envisioning me as the girl who has 12 maxed out credit cards! Ha.

10. If I like you, then you will receive a nickname and it will probably get weird.

11. In regards to school, I originally planned to go to college for either Advertising, Interior Design, or Graphic Design. My high school art teacher talked me into applying for Fine Arts at the University of Windsor and the rest is history. I still think college would have been a great experience. But I learned so much at the U and I wouldn't trade it!

12. I really believe my world operates a lot better when I'm open and honest with the people in it. So it's what I always strive for!

13. Coffee dates are absolutely my favourite. "Yes" to sipping yummy drinks and chatting.

14. I've had a bad concussion and I got it in a really stupid way. Haha. Maybe I'll tell you about it if you ask nicely.

15. Did I say coffee dates are my favourite? Scratch that, it's tied with decorating my apartment. SERIOUSLY. It is so fun.

16. Cheesecake.

17. Also orange chocolate.

18. I 100000% believe in dressing up. I dislike the mentality that you have to wait for a special occasion to wear something fancy. This is your life! It's your day! Dress how you feel because life is too short to wait around for special days. Make today special.

19. I love Fall because a) it's beautiful and the weather is perfect and b) my birthday is in November and I'm one of those crazy "I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!" people.

20. Road trip? Hold up, let me just make a mixed CD for that.

21. I believe in being kind to everyone I interact with during my day- waitresses, baristas, cashiers, etc. I would rather have a positive impact on someone's day than a negative one!

22. I'm not embarrassed to admit it when I like something. I would probably be super boring if everything I liked was "cool" or "in".

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