Sunday Mornings

Today is kind of a treat. I don't usually get to spend Sunday mornings sitting at my computer, editing and drinking coffee! So I'm savouring it the best way I know how- blog post! Duh.

Here are a few of my favourite things from this past weekend (and it's not even over yet!)

- Starting a new book! I finally began reading Emma by Jane Austen. I'm liking it so far, but not at the point yet where I can't put it down :)

- DOING LAUNDRY! Okay lame but I just had my washer and dryer delivered on Thursday so I've been taking full advantage of it. Side effect of going a full year of not having one of my own. Plus who can deny the magic of the scent of fresh laundry? Soooo relaxing.

- Getting to dress up for Halloween at work yesterday! I can never resist the chance to get festive ;) ha.

Okay so it's pretty clear from this post that I'm approximately 80 years old. But sometimes it's the small stuff that makes a weekend great!

Hope everyone else had a relaxing weekend. Happy Sunday guys!

P.S I'm in the works of wrapping up a wedding. Can't wait to post!

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