Photographer's Gift Guide

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be sharing a few practical items to look at getting this Christmas for the photographer in your life! And no, it's not one of these ;)

1. Nikon Extension Tube / Canon Extension Tube

Price Point: $

Buy it for: Anyone in your life who loves taking detail shots, nature shots, or engagement shoots (gotta get those ring shots!)

Summary: A product I have yet to try but have heard amazing things about. This fun little lens extension tube converts your lens into a macro lens, which is great for taking detail shots to the next level. The best part about it? The price!!! You can't go wrong, especially when macro lenses themselves can run you $300+. It's an awesome way to find out if macro shots are a) something you enjoy and b) something you can see working into your photographic style.

2. Sigma 35mm Art Lens

Price Point: $$$$

Buy it for: Someone who you like... A LOT

Summary: This lens has portrait photographers everywhere drooling. Compatible with both Nikon and Canon cameras, this lens is turning heads and outperforming many of its counterparts, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to WOW (wowowow) their loved one!

3. Lightroom

Price Point: $$

Buy it for: Any photographer who does not have this. SERIOUSLY.

Summary: Two words- Sync. Settings. It actually always surprises/confuses/boggles my mind when I find out that a photographer doesn't use this program! Lightroom is an AMAZING Adobe product that will speed up workflow and make life a million times easier. This gift is awesome because it's not only practical, it's also unique and thoughtful! I mean, not the most romantic thing to say "hey hun I bought you an Adobe program for Christmas this year". But you know what? They're gonna be thanking you later when their work time has been cut in half FOR SURE.

(Sorry. Lightroom gets me excited.)

4. iPad

Price Point: $$$

Buy it for: The on-the-go photographer + The photographer looking to take their IPS (in person sales) to the next level

Summary: Well you know what an iPad is :) But I bet you didn't know that they're great for photographers! iPads or any tablet is great for sharing our work, reviewing galleries, and even accept credit cards from clients.

5. Kelly Moore Bag

Price Point: $$

Buy it for: The accessory lover, the traveler, the every-day-life documenter

Summary: This list wouldn't be complete without a Kelly Moore bag. Great for storing all of the things listed above, and for someone who travels a lot with their camera. The one I've picked out it large enough to use as a carry on but small enough to bring on an adventure with friends. Styles also available for gentlemen!


And there you have it! Some of my favourite selections for the beloved photographers in your life this holiday season. Happy Shopping! Drop a line in the comment section below and tell me what you think :)


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