Are we sick of the New Year posts yet? Well, too bad! My blog, my rules! Ha.

This post isn't really a resolution post or a reflection post.. Okay maybe a bit reflection? Anyways! This post is more of a shout out to everyone in 2014 who supported me by supporting my business. This goes out to my fabulous clients who made my first year in business so exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding. You guys are AWESOME. I feel lucky I got to spend my time in 2014 shooting and meeting such incredible people!

I ALSO need to thank my incredible friends and family AKA my personal cheer squad. Thank you to the people who make me excited to share my business news because I know you're going to be cheering and jumping up and down just as much as me. Thank you to everyone who told me I was amazing when I was feeling unsure. And to everyone who let me talk their ears off when I needed to throw some wild ideas out there. To you I am so incredibly thankful because without the support of you I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing.

Cheers to 2015 guys! A brand new year of challenges and exhilaration ahead.


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