Behind the Scenes: Kate Spade at Freeds with Lively and Rose City Style Guide

I think sometimes I have the tendency share things on Social Media... without really explaining my part in the whole thing! So let me take you guys on a behind the scenes type post of something that went on in my little photography world back in May.

So Amanda from Rose City Style Guide, who I work with on a regular basis, told me she was going to pitch this idea to Freeds who had just introduced Kate Spade products into their regular line up of already fabulous products. Now if you know me, Kate Spade gets my heart racing. I love that the products are the perfect combination of quirk and sophistication. In a way, as a 23 year old I can kind of relate to that awkward balance between wanting to be young and wanting to get my life together. KS kind of embodies that for me and does it so effortlessly that it kinda sorta gives me hope ;)

Anyways, fast forward. Pitch goes perfectly and we're all set to go! For me, this entails one promo shoot as well as shooting at the event itself. This took some planning from both me and Amanda (hello Second Cup date with matching KS notebooks). Finally when we'd settled on our plan, we had to do some painting, set up, 1 count of a borrowed truck, and just general running around. I have to give Amanda some serious props, because she is Super Woman. Between a full time job and running an incredibly successful blog, she's really got it together!

The night before the shoot and Amanda texts me this picture:


The next morning we both get up bright and early for the shoot and have some fun playing around with some seriously pretty bags. Coming from someone who usually shoots outdoors, I really enjoyed this style of shooting! It was fun to be able to play again and again with the same controlled environment and lighting.

Later that morning I packed all the bags and watches up and took them back to Freeds!

Finally, we had the meet and greet night which included $25 gift cards for coming to say hello, wine, shopping, hair by Dry Parlour, live music, meet and greet with local bloggers, and some amazing treats by Shelby's Sweet Shoppe. I got to take pictures of it all happening and I must say, it was an incredibly cool event.

It was a really fun night and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to photograph it! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about my crazy process ;)

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