Tresemme #summerhairstory

Excuse me while I put on my shades and wear a leather jacket and be cool and stuff.

Ha! Joking of course, but this was a really fun shoot. I love the looks that Amanda created! And again, I enjoyed the challenge of working indoors. Which actually didn't turn out to be that big of a challenge, but I normally gravitate towards outdoor shoots. So even though I was admittedly worried about this shoot, it has got to be one of my most favourites. Just an example of how stepping outside of your comfort zone pays off! This was also a dream to edit. Just sayin'.

If you know me, then you'll know I LOVE these buns. Also isn't she gorgeous!?


And this is a prime example of why hair is so key to your look. It can change the entire vibe of an outfit!! Sigh. I wish I could pull off blonde.

Thanks for taking a peek at my work! XO

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