Office Dreamin'


Last week I did this shoot with Rose City Style Guide for JYSK (they totally instagramed one of my pictures!) I love seeing the way she brings everything together!

Anyways this of course got me thinking about my own office. I went on a crazy cleaning spree and I think I've made progress? The closest is organized at least. One thing I would LOVE is wall to wall desk space. But I rent, so I will wait for a more permanent living situation before jumping into that :)

You know what the one thing I had to have in my office was?

A comfy, soft, cushy rug.

For me, a comfy floor is essential to crafting, creating, brainstorming, etc. I love sitting down there with Netflix going, leaning against the couch and working on whatever task I have. Probablyyyy not great for your back to sit on the ground. But in my opinion, great for the creative process- haha!

What about you guys? What is your must-have in a home office? Let me know!

Rachel SoulliereComment