December Rewind

I can't believe we're already half way through January! My wish came true and we got snow (sorry haters) so I've been enjoying that and looking forward to upcoming projects for this month. In the meantime, I thought I'd share some snippets of what I got up to in December!

Black Friday shoot for Devonshire Mall - Amanda picked up so many awesome goodies! I met her there bright and early for 7am for a morning of shopping and photography. Naturally, I was in heaven.

Scarlet & Julia! They sent Amanda some pretty things and we shot a how to on contouring.

Home Outfitters baking post... Check here for a seriously amazing biscotti recipe.

... And of course another Home Outfitters post for Nespresso! Yum.

Loved this one! I blame RCSG and Adele for my serious need to buy a vest in December (I bought one, but mine is from the children's section at Old Navy because I'm short soooooooo...)

Fun little shoot for Intel Laptops! At Amanda's Christmas party I kept nudging Austin and saying "Look at that rug. We need that rug." 

Popped by Windsor Crossings for some light shopping

And finally, I was hired to do a fun shoot with my lovely friend! We both love this picture - it's very "Jada" :)

I think that's all?! It's hard to know because my current system of organizing photos on my computers is kind of all over the place. Hey, just keeping it real. Thank goodness for the search tool, amiright?

Anyways thanks for checking out my December Rewind. Hope to have a fun one by the end of January too!