Stephanie: Glam Portrait Session

Hi everyone!

Meet my best friend, Stephanie. She is incredibly kind, hilarious, and supportive- and she's been Lively's biggest fan since Day 1. I couldn't do what I do without her cheering me on! I've had countless conversations with her over the years about my business and her level of enthusiasm for it has always remained excited and supportive, so I love keeping her in the loop about anything going on, big or small!

I was so incredibly happy and excited to get her in my studio. Not only do I love that she now has pictures to celebrate herself and what a beautiful person she is inside and out, I also have photographs of my best friend that I know I'll cherish for years (but not in a creepy frame-beside-my-bedside-table kind of way.... maybe).

What do you guys think??! Would you love to have photos like this of yourself?