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I was so honoured to have Bree come into my studio to have her portraits done. Not only is she an incredibly hardworking nurse, she is such a beauty and and has amazing style - I'm obsessed! We started by pampering her with hair and makeup, and fun music (we made sure the playlist included her favourite band). Then we started our shoot. I guided her through the whole thing so that she could just relax and have fun!

Here's what Bree had to say about her shoot: "You have a wonderful gift and working with you made for a great experience! It was nice to be dolled up and out of scrubs for a bit!"

When her pictures were all done, I had her come in for her reveal where she got to watch a slideshow of her images plus behind the scenes footage! I love that she brought her friend with her to ooo and ahh over the pictures. It was seriously a lot of fun!

Thank you Bree!

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