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Weekly Words - Be Brave

Don't I know it. I'm sure Henri did too, as his painting style in his time was not exactly par for the course (in fact, he was often called the leader of the "Wild Beasts" or the Fauvism art movement). You might not look at his work today and think it extreme, but it really was in the 1800s.

Creativity takes courage!

So be brave.

xo, rachel

Staying Creative

Staying creative is obviously a very essential part of my job! I need to stay inspired for shoots so that I can continually bring my very best forward in each project I take on and avoid the dreaded burn-out. This means that having time outside of my job to recharge and refocus is super important! Here's what that looked like for me these past few weeks: buying art that inspired me, doing two crafty thing just because I felt like it (chalk painted a mirror for the first time and painted a globe because why not?!), and of course taking pictures just for fun! Even though photography is my job now, I still absolutely love it :)

Thanks for taking a look at a few of the ways I recharge! What about you?!

xo, rachel