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I own Lively Creative Co. and I specialize in portraits as well as personal branding for entrepreneurs and business owners. I love what I do. My goal is for you to own the best picture you have ever seen of yourself!

My superpower is the way I listen and connect with the people I get to work with. I have absolutely fallen in love with how my photography can open someone up to seeing themselves in a new light.

I have watched clients laugh, gasp, cry, and transform as they see themselves in a brand new way. I want to empower you by making sure you leave with photos of yourself that you love and are proud to show off.

Please don't be shy - get in touch! I'd love to grab a coffee and chat about how you would like to be photographed.


I LOVE: sunshine, meeting new people, cozy days, vanilla coffee, reading, creating, being inspired

2018 YQG Talks Speaker

2018 YQG Talks Speaker

I believe in: celebrating the everyday, embracing life, making decisions for yourself, creating your vision, and walking towards it every day.

Follow along on Instagram! I love sharing behind the scenes content and peeks at my everyday life: @livelycreativeco

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Pssstt.. As a business, isn't creating content for Social Media kind of overwhelming sometimes? I provide photography services for this!
Check out ShopEco's Instagram page to view my work.

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Let me guess- you're sitting here thinking "ya sure, these are beautiful photos and all... but that's because they're beautiful people - I would never look like that in any photo you take of me."

I'm going to challenge that. I have studied posing, lighting, and styling with such love and attention that I believe I can take a truly gorgeous photo of anyone. I see you and I see your beauty. I don't expect you to suddenly know how to pose and be a model. It's my job to coach and pose you through your entire session. Let me show you how you can shine. Magic will happen when you step in front of my camera.

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• Wardrobe styling & Consult
• Professional hair & makeup
• Fully guided shoot
• Portrait reveal and order session
• Signature retouching included

“Adding hair and makeup to the shoot was a fantastic benefit... But even better, our photos were amazing!”



C L I E N T    R E V I E W S

  • The photos themselves were more than I could have ever dreamed of!
    — Aubyn, Little Bird Event Co.
  • My experience was incredible! ... I really appreciate that you were so professional yet you didn't treat me just like a client, you treated me like a friend.
    — Melissa
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Lively and creative described my amazing experience I had working with Rachel. Not only is she incredibly in tune with each and every one of her clients but it reflects in her work. When I worked with Rachel, I realized she’s more than just a photographer who snaps beautiful photos, she’s talented in many other ways such as posing her subjects, helping coordinate the “scene” with outfits, lighting, and laying out what branding you would like to include. I’m looking forward to working with her in the near future! Thanks for the top notch service and the personalized branding photographs! - Markie Tuckett

"My experience was incredible! ... I really appreciate that you were so professional yet you didn't treat me just like a client, you treated me like a friend. That meant so much to me!" - MH



"Wonderful experience at our photo shoot. Rachel made us feel so comfortable and was so easy to work with. She is a great photographer and was born to do this. " - Karen & Todd


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"Rachel ... took every step to make me feel glam and wonderful for my photos - and the photos themselves were more than I could have ever dreamed of!" - Aubyn, Little Bird Event Co.



"She's always making you feel at home when she's behind the camera and that comfort shines through in the photos through truly natural and beautiful shots." - Amanda, La Vita E Style


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Get in touch with Rachel Soulliere:
(+1) 519 817 7177